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Water Feature Spray Bar

Water Feature Spray Bar


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Introducing our Water Fountain Spray Bar – a premium addition to elevate your aquatic displays! Crafted with precision from durable 2" PVC pipe and adorned with brass nozzles, this spray bar boasts an innovative height-adjustable valve and adjustable legs for customizable installations. Versatile and adaptable, it seamlessly enhances any water basin, pool, or reservoir.

Choose from our diverse range of 5 color variations to suit your aesthetic preferences. For personalized projects, our spray bars can be easily customized to meet your desired length specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.

Designed for compatibility, the Water Fountain Spray Bar is the ideal companion to our water spray rings. For added flexibility, our 3 and 4 feet spray bars come equipped with 2 adjustable legs, while the 5 feet option features 3 legs, providing stability and versatility in various settings.

Upgrade your water features with our Water Fountain Spray Bar – where innovation meets aesthetics, creating a visually stunning and customizable aquatic experience. Transform your space with this premium addition and let your creativity flow!

Recommended 4000-8000 AquaSurge Adjustable Pump

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