Become a Partner with AQUAGARDEN: Elevate Your Fountain Experience

AQUAGARDEN invites you to join us in transforming spaces with our exceptional water feature services. As a partner, you'll benefit from our comprehensive offerings and commitment to excellence. Explore the diverse opportunities we offer:

Water Feature Design & Visualization: Craft Your Vision with Us

Envision a unique water feature design tailored to your space. Partner with AQUAGARDEN for a collaborative process, from site analysis to detailed design. Our experts ensure seamless integration of your vision, creating captivating and lasting impressions.

Fountain Installation: Trust the Expertise of AQUAGARDEN 

Whether it's a new fountain or an upgrade, AQUAGARDEN's expert team ensures a unique and satisfying transformation. As a partner, benefit from complete mechanical and electrical installation packages, equipment supply, and the setup of Aquascape Urns and Spheres.

Fountain Restoration & Refurbishment: Revitalize Your Fountains

Partner with AQUAGARDEN to bring new life to your fountains. Our restoration services cover leveling, crack repair, waterproofing, power washing, sealing, liner replacement, and modernization. Ensure longevity and standout features with our commitment to quality.

Spray Ring & Bar Customization: Personalize Your Fountain

Collaborate with AQUAGARDEN to design custom spray rings, creating captivating patterns in your fountain basin. Benefit from customization options, specifying diameter, number of jets, and inlets for unique geometrical shapes.

Water Feature Lighting: Illuminate Your Space with AQUAGARDEN

 Partner with AQUAGARDEN for expert installation, repair, and replacement of fountain lights, wires, and transformers. Our underwater submersible LED lighting expertise ensures a successful and serviceable lighting design.

Water Feature Maintenance: Year-round Protection with AQUAGARDEN 

Ensure the longevity of your water feature with AQUAGARDEN's maintenance services. As a partner, benefit from tailored maintenance contracts, covering opening, closing, monthly, quarterly, or yearly services.

Outdoor Planter & Statue Refinishing: Give Life to Your Garden Art

Transform outdoor planters and statues into timeless pieces with AQUAGARDEN's refinishing and restoration services. Partner with us to breathe new life into precast stone items using unique color variations and painting techniques.

Why Partner with AQUAGARDEN:

  • Unparalleled expertise in water feature design, installation, and restoration.
  • Comprehensive suite of services covering all aspects of water feature projects.
  • Trustworthy professionals dedicated to the success of your project.
  • Commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction.

Choose AQUAGARDEN: Your Trusted Partner in Fountain Excellence

Embark on a journey of water feature transformation with AQUAGARDEN. As a partner, you're not just a client; you're a collaborator in creating something extraordinary. Contact us for inquiries, project discussions, and access to premium fountain-related products. AQUAGARDEN - Where Excellence Meets Expertise.